Terrific Team:  Our talented trio of Pediatric Dentists wish you - our patients, parents, colleagues and friends - a happy and healthy holiday season.  Dr. Janell Plocheck (left) has been with the practice for eight years.  Dr. Bruce Weiner (center) founded the practice thirty years ago.  Dr. Loria Guiatas (right)has been an associate of the practice for nearly three years.


Good news for patients who live south of the city and make the long drive to Fort Worth for dental appointments.  We are opening a satellite office in Burleson.  The staff is scheduling patients there on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The office is located at 240 S.W. Wilshire Boulevard.  Please call to schedule an appointment.

We will be sharing this office with our longtime colleague Dr. Lester Kuperman, an exceptional orthodontist, who sees patients in that office on Mondays and Wednesdays. This office-sharing arrangement is an excellent opportunity for the patients and the doctors to use this facility more effectively and will offer many of our patients an opportunity to cut down on gas consumption.

All three of our doctors will see patients in this new location.  The Fort Worth office will maintain its normal schedule of patient care.

Front Row (kneeling, left to right): Amanda Richardson, Cecilia Saldivar-Elizondo, Kristen Hudson, Valerie McLendon. Middle Row (seated, left to right): Sherry Reaves, Dr. Plocheck, Dr. Weiner, Dr. Guiatas, Leticia Ortega. Top Row (standing, left to right): Stacey Larkin, Erin Taylor, Shalise Coleman, Lillian Awbrey, Amy Steele, Diana Dobson, Elizabeth Williams, April Rosales, Sonia DeLeon, Heather Bartko, Julie Dusza, Veronica New, Lou McDowell, Anne Ferguson.

Our staff functions like a large, extended family. We celebrate birthdays, graduations, marriages, and childbirth, and we support each other through times of sorrow and hardship.

Two of us, Lillian Awbrey and Dr. Guiatas, grew up here as patients. Another pair, Heather Bartko and Roni New, arrived as high school students in work-study programs. Two others, Cecilia Saldivar-Elizondo and Shalise Coleman, arrived as interns or recent graduates of Tarrant County College's dental assisting program.

The two staff members with the most longevity, office manager Sherry Reaves and hygienist Anne Ferguson, started working for Dr. Weiner more than 25 years ago.

At present, two employees are expecting, Roni in May and Sonia around Christmas. Many of us job-share, splitting hours and responsibilities so that we can enroll in college classes, take maternity leave, or spend extra hours at home with our children. Shalise plans to study psychology at TWU or UTA.  Hygienist Lisa Englehart, a ten-year employee, teaches at Texas Woman's University.

Leticia Ortega's daughter, Destiny, 11, is a team player with the Dallas Junior Wheel Chair Mavericks basketball squad. Recently, due to a family emergency, Leticia became temporary guardian for her half brother and half-sister.  Her single-parent household now includes four children under the age of 12. The rest of the staff quickly helped Leticia out with groceries, new clothes for the kids, and flexible hours at the office. Reflecting on her 12 years with Fort Worth Pediatric Dentistry, Leticia said, "I feel blessed."

Adrienne Elizondo, Cecilia's daughter, displays medals won in Judo tournaments across the country, including the USA Judo National Junior Olympics.


Destiny Ortega, 11, poses with her mother, Leticia, at a Dallas Junior Wheel Chair Mavericks basketball
game in North Carolina.

Dr. Loria Guiatas has completed the rigorous tests for becoming a board-certified pediatric dentist. This elevates her to the rank of "Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry." Nationwide, less than half of all eligible children's dentists achieve this status. Dr. Weiner and Dr. Plocheck are also among this select group of specialists.

Board certification is a voluntary quest for professional excellence through critical evaluation by one's esteemed colleagues. Dr. Guiatas completed her boards in the shortest time-frame possible following the completion of her residency.

To become an ABPD Diplomate, Dr. Guiatas, who graduated from Baylor Dental College and completed her pediatric dental residency at the University of Maryland, first completed a daylong written examination. The next phase was the "orals." These were conducted in Dallas, where a panel of national examiners quizzed Dr. Guiatas about everything from the latest research in the field of pediatric dentistry to her recommendations for treating medically compromised patients.

Dr. Guiatas, who grew up in Fort Worth as a patient in our dental practice, attended All Saints Episcopal School and Arlington Heights High School.  She completed her undergraduate work at the University of Texas at Arlington, where she was a summa cum laude graduate. While attending high school and college, she worked in our office as a part-time dental assistant.

In her spare time, Dr. Guiatas keeps fit by working out at daybreak in Trinity Park with the Metroplex Adventure Boot Camp. She has started jogging for fitness and fun and loves running into patients and parents at events like the YMCA Turkey Trot and the Arthritis Foundation's Jingle Bell Run.

Dr. Janell Plocheck spends her spare time helping her profession and her community.

She is a board member of the Fort Worth District Dental Society and serves on its Peer Review Committee. She gives presentations on oral health to parents attending Incredible Infant & Terrific Toddler classes at Harris Methodist Southwest Hospital and has addressed the Fort Worth Dental Hygienists' Society on the dental manifestations of Gastroesophageal Reflux in children.

On the national level, Dr. Plocheck is a member of the Examination Committee of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry (ABPD), administering oral boards to pediatric dentists striving to achieve "Diplomate" status. Within the ABPD she serves on the Renewal of Certification Committee.

At home, Dr. Plocheck is active in the Junior League of Fort Worth where she serves as Grounds Committee Co-Chair for Mayfest.  This important branch of Mayfest's Central Committee oversees items most festival goers take for granted such as tents, trailers, electrical hook ups, and porta potties.  This year, her commit-tee will institute recycling at Mayfest. Working with the City of Fort Worth's Environmental Management Department, they will see to it that aluminum cans, plastic containers, and vendors' cardboard boxes are recycled rather than sent to area landfills.

Dr. Weiner journeyed to South Africa in September while serving as a delegate for the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry on a People-to People professional exchange. The delegation visited dental schools in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. During the visit Dr. Weiner lectured the South African Paedodontic Society on clinical pediatric dentistry and infant oral health. In South Africa pediatric dentistry is not a recognized specialty but an increasing number of that country's dentists are pushing for its establishment. The AAPD delegation was happy to be able to offer its assistance and support in this endeavor.

Dr. Weiner also spoke at the annual American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry meeting in Washington, D.C. His subject was dental-staff management. Next on Dr. Weiner's professional calendar is the winter meeting of the SouthWestern Society of Pediatric Dentistry in Whistler, British Columbia. For the second consecutive year, Dr. Weiner has served as chairman of this popular weeklong, continuing education conference which features prominent speakers, academicians and pediatric dentists from across the U.S. and Canada.

Locally, Dr. Weiner was honored with the 2007 Distinguished Service Award from the Fort Worth District Dental Society. He was also featured in AAPD's magazine, Pediatric Dentistry Today, with a photo and a full page interview recognizing him for his contributions to the AAPD Foundation.

Many of you have asked about Dr. Weiner's health. We have good news to report. He has completely recuperated from back and hip surgery. He is back on skis and stays in shape by bicycling along the Trinity River Trails with his wife, Hollace.

For your convenience in this high-tech age, Fort Worth Pediatric Dentistry is equipped with T-Link.  This system allows patients to access appointments and account information 24 hours a day via a secure Internet connection, or by telephone.  T-Link provides appointment reminders via e-mail and also allows for online payments.  A new feature offered by T- Link is text messaged appointment reminders.  If you have activated your account with T-Link through our website, simply log in to your account and click the SmartText icon then just follow the easy sign-up instructions.  If you have not yet activated your on-line account, our staff will be happy to assist you either by phone or at your next office visit.

Our office has been using digital X-rays for the past several years. We have recently upgraded our system to better serve our patients and can now download our images virtually instantaneously. Digital radiography allows us to take these necessary pictures without the chemical waste that is a byproduct of conventional X-ray processing.


Our talented team of licensed dental hygienists, pictured on the right, are all part-time employees who have collectively accumulated sixty-six years of dental hygiene experience in our practice.


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